Apple and Education

by Blesssky Connexion, an authorized reseller

Blesssky Connexion is an Apple Authorized Reseller for Education which provides both products and services for educational purpose.

We are running one stop service – starting from providing Apple working instruments for all kind of academic institutions (school, college, university and tutorial school) to giving advices about instrumental management which includes both short-term and long-term usage.

Some services of us

Hardware supply

Software supply

Peripherals supply

MDM-Jamf (Mobile Device Management) supply

Presenting new form of working which runs by Apple Solutions

Equipment rental, providing equipment replacement after the end of rental contract and warranty and are included.

Over 20 years of corporate service experience, besides being an authorized Apple education reseller, we also offer a wide range of other services.

Still we are looking to expand our service field in every dimension. Please feel free to let us know your request that our team is more than ready to response the needs. For more information and quotation, you can contact us at 02-679-8877