Microsoft 365: The productivity suite that’ll pay for itself many times over

Microsoft 365 การลงทุนที่แสนคุ้มค่า

Microsoft 365 is a suite of collaboration tools that allows your teams to easily and securely access files from anywhere, on any internet-connected device. The innovative, user-friendly tools are available at small-business friendly prices, enabling you to maximize your efficiency and scale in the digital age without going over your budget.

The many benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

  1. Secure, feature-rich email platform
    • 50 GB email storage for each of your users, which is a space large enough to house 12,000 four-minute songs
    • Cutting-edge security tools to scan your inbound emails, protecting you from virus, malware, spam, and phishing attacks
    • Custom email domain that enhances your trustworthiness and business image
  2. Ease of use, advanced data security, and routine software updates
    • 1TB storage for each user
    • Multifactor authentication to guarantee hassle-free access without compromising on data security
    • Seamless integration with Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android on PCs, tablets, and smartphones
    • Routine software updates at no additional cost to keep your tools optimized at all times
  3. Improved collaboration and data security, thanks to the cloud
    • Real-time efficient and secure collaboration by multiple internal and external users at once, thanks to granular access control
    • A secure cloud-based data center to guarantee that your files can always be accessed, edited, and effectively retrieved
    • On-demand access to files that ensure all your data will remain intact even if your company falls victim to a ransomware that blocks your access to important files. This is because Microsoft tools don’t store your files on hard disk storage, but rather let you access them on demand and clear off the information when you close the files while also allowing you to keep chosen files on your devices
    • Microsoft offers Teams, a unified platform that enables seamless collaboration through features such as instant messaging, secure file sharing, real-time editing, web conferencing, and more. Easily accessible on any device, Teams not only boosts your productivity but also helps you save on phone bills, travel expenses, and productivity costs

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